Welcome to Evangel Assembly

“A Place For Everyone” 

Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a New Partner of Evangel Assembly.  We are happy to welcome born again members of the body of Christ who wish to become a committed partner of our local body.

There are four things we ask of the Partners of Evangel Assembly.

  1. That you are saved (have repented, turned from your sin, and have accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior).
  2. That you are baptized in the Holy or are actively seeking to be filled.
  3. That you are willing to give tithes and offerings to Evangel Assembly as your spiritual storehouse.
  4. That you are willing to find your place in the body and function in it.

I know you will find these to be very practical, not legalistic.  It is our desire to assist you in realizing your potential to use your God-given gifts in His Kingdom.

We are indeed honored that you you desire to be Partners of Evangel Assembly.  First Lady Judith and I are happy to welcome you into our fellowship and with God’s help, will be a true shepherd in living, loving, training, and providing you and your loved ones with opportunities to grow in the ways of the Lord.


Call our offices at 301-899-5940 or send and Email to Rev. Elizabeth Moore at EMOORE@EAGCS.ORG


In His Service,

Rev. Dr. St. Clair Mitchell

Senior Pastor