Pastor Eric Osborne

Pastor Osborne has been a child of Evangel since the age of 5 years. In 1979, he and his family moved from Philadelphia, PA to Rockville, MD, then a few years later to Ft. Washington, MD, where they currently reside.

As a child, Eric began his journey as a student in the church’s Sunday School, where he started to gain his love for Christ and his love for making an impact with people. As he became older, Eric became a vital member of the boys Royal Ranger Program and the youth program at the church. There, Eric continued to develop and accept his love and desire to lead and change the lives of his fellow young people through Christ.

To gain experience, Eric became a Teacher’s Assistant with Children’s Ministry on Sunday mornings. Through his ongoing dedication to his service to Christ and Evangel, Eric became a valuable leader - even leading some Children’s Ministry classes when given the opportunity.

In September of 1993, Eric started his life career, by joining the United States Marine Corps, where he served for four faithful years at Camp Pendleton, CA. His love of service and young people didn’t stop while serving in the military. He became involved in a local church and started working with the Youth Ministry. There he was a Supervisor’s Assistant and part-time Middle School Ministry teacher.

After some time in California, Eric moved back home to Maryland, and once again, got back involved in the church that he called home. He became a Children’s Ministry teacher for the 5th & 6th grade class, under three different leaderships over a period of years.

In August of 2012, Pastor Eric Osborne, along with his wife and family, accepted the position of Evangel Children’s Ministry Pastor. He has brought exciting, inspired, and Christ-driven leadership to his position. Along with his wife and ministry staff, Pastor Osborne has led Sunday services for the Children and Vacation Bible School since 2013. Pastor Osborne seeks to reach as many children as he can in his church and in the community. God has given him a personal ministry of supporting kids and youth in their school, community, and church activities outside the walls of our building.