Your child will learn many things about Gods’ world and will develop language skills with the help of many animal friends. Workbooks have been designed and prepared especially with your child in mind. Coloring, painting and gluing will help develop manual skills and stories, poetry, and music will aid in the development of comprehension, language and thinking skills.

Using a simple logical phonics system, children in K2 and K3 will prepare to learn how to read through mastering vowel and consonant sounds. In addition, K2 and K3 lays the foundation for learning basic manuscript and cursive writing strokes. These skills will be perfected as students go into K4, K5, first and second grade.


Enrollment is open to all children between ages infant – 5 years old. We encourage parents and children to visit our facility to meet our staff, observe the classroom, and obtain enrollment forms. You may register your child at any time during our hours of operation (6:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.). Registration fees are non-refundable.


Parents/Guardians must supply EDC with the following forms before your child can be admitted:

Health Inventory Form (pdf)

Current Immunization Record (pdf)

Emergency Information Card (pdf)

Authorization List (pdf)

Statement of Cooperation

Parents/Guardians are responsible for notifying EDC regarding any changes in employment, telephone number, address, and hours or number of day’s childcare is needed. Only parents/guardians and persons listed on the Authorization List will be permitted to pick up a child (ren) from EDC. Advance notice will be required by parents if someone other than an authorized person will be picking up your child.