* Tuition is commensurate with the child’s age not learning potential.

Weekly Tuition Fee as follows (effective October 1, 2018):

  • Infants (6 weeks - 17 months) $265.00/week

  • Toddlers (18 months - 23 months) $265.00/week

  • K2 $230.00/week

  • K3 $205.00/week

  • K4 $205.00/week

  • K5 $205.00/week

Security Deposit (one week’s tuition)


Drop-In is Available

***Discounts available for Evangel Member, Multiple Children and Staff.

Tuition fees are due one week in advance. Fees include the meal service program. Payment must be made on Friday (no later than Monday morning) before the subsequent week. There is a late payment fee of $25 if tuition is paid after Monday. Tuition must be paid even when child is not in attendance.

Late Fee $25/Return check Fee

(All tuition is due between the Fridays of the previous week of service to the Monday of the current week of service. Tuition will be considered late on Tuesday of the current week) There will be a return check fee of $40.

Returned Check Fee

A $25 fee for a returned check will be assessed. After three (3) returned checks, cash or money order will be required for all future payments.

Book Fee

EDC’s fees for student toddler – K5 workbooks price varies.