It is important for students not to be overloaded with homework; therefore, teachers will seek to maintain a proper balance consistent with the school's schedule. Because of prayer meetings and Services at many of our local churches on Wednesday nights, homework will be eliminated as much as possible that evening. Our hope is that students will actively participate in the life of their home church.


1st Grade - 2nd Grade

A - Exceeds Expectations

B - Fully Meets Expectations

C - Meets Expectations

N - Needs Improvement

NA - Not Applicable

Grades 3-5

A - Exceed Expectations

B- Fully Meets Expectations

C - Meets Expectations

D- Does Not Meet Expectations

F - Fail

NA - Not Applicable


Field trips may be arranged when considered helpful to the program of study. The school requires permission forms from the parents. In most cases, there will be costs associated with our field trips, which in most cases will be covered by your activity fee. If additional funds are needed you will be made aware. Parents are encouraged to accompany students on field trips. Younger siblings cannot attend so that the parents can be attentive to the students. In some cases, if teachers are able to make an exception and will notify parents accordingly.


Homework is given for the following reasons:

  1. To reinforce the learning of facts and concepts taught in the classroom.

  2. For remedial learning.

  3. To encourage research on a given topic or book.

Children need time for family relationships and play when they leave school each day. Within the time remaining after each school day, the child should be able to engage in non-academic activities as well. The length of homework assignments should be grade appropriate. Questions or concerns should be directed to the teacher.


At Evangel Academy we use the ABEKA Curriculum for Grades 1st and 2nd. This curriculum is a Christian based curriculum designed to ensure your child’s total educational development. Emphasis is placed on advancement in Academics and early exposure to various skills. A highlight of this program is Phonetic teaching (phonics) which is no longer taught in Public School. For 3rd-5th we will use the Bob Jones University Curriculum.


Progress Reports and Report Cards are issued four times per year to inform parents of students’ academic and social progress. Progress Reports are sent home/emailed, after Progress reports are issues you may request a conference with your child’s teacher. Reports Cards are given to parents at Pick up time on Report Card Days (see School Calendar). You will be asked to sign and return it. Please be mindful that all accounts must be settled before the 4th Quarter Report Card is issued.


In addition to Academic learning, your child will be taught Spanish, and other Languages. They will participate in daily Fine Arts instruction such as Music, Dance, Theater and Visual Art as well as Physical Education and Sports.