1st Quarter
Date Day(s) Occurence
24-August Friday Parent/Student orientation
26-31 - Aug Monday-Friday Teacher Selected Duty Days
3-Sep Monday Labor Day School/Office CLOSED
4-Sep Tuesday First Day of School
28-Sep Friday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
3-Oct Wednesday Progress Reports
2-Nov Friday End of 1st Quarter (44 DAYS)
2nd Quarter
Date Day(s) Occurence
5-Nov Monday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
6-Nov Tuesday Election Day School/ Office CLOSED
12-Nov Monday Veterans Day School/ Office CLOSED
16-Nov Friday 1st Report Card Issued
21-23 - Nov Wednesday-Friday Fall Break School/ Office CLOSED
7-Dec Friday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
19-Dec Wednesday Progress Reports
24-31 - Dec Monday-Monday Winter Break School/ Office CLOSED
1-Jan Tuesday New Year School/ Office CLOSED
2-Jan* Wednesday First Day Return
21-Jan Monday MLK School/ Office CLOSED
25-Jan Friday End of 2nd Quarter (47 DAYS)
3rd Quarter
Date Day(s) Occurence
28-Jan Monday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
11-Feb Monday 2nd Report Card Issued
18-Feb Monday President’s Day School/ Office CLOSED
27-Feb Wednesday Progress Reports
28-Mar Thursday End of 3rd quarter (43 DAYS)
4th Quarter
Date Day(s) Occurence
29-Mar Friday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
11-Apr Thursday 3rd Report Card Issued
15-22 - Apr Monday-Monday Spring Break School/ Office CLOSED
23-Apr Tuesday Return
15-May Wednesday Progress Reports
27-May Monday Memorial Day School/Office CLOSED
13-Jun Thursday Prof Devel (PD)- 2 HR early Dismissal
14-Jun Friday Student’s Last Day of School (46 DAYS)
17-20 - Jun Monday-Thursday Teacher Duty Days
21-Jun Friday 4th Report Card Mailed